Sailing Lessons Edmonton
Sailing Lessons Edmonton
Sailing Lessons Edmonton

Welcome to a beautiful day of learning to sail , just 40 minutes west of Edmonton, on Lac St. Anne. All of our sailing lessons are tailored to individual skill levels. If you have never sailed, but have always been curious to find out what sailing is like – our half day introductory sailing lesson is ideal for you. We provide Edmonton area residents with a great opportunity to learn to sail without paying the high cost many entry level sailing lessons. Our primary objectives are safety and teaching you how to sail in a fun environment. Once on the water, our certified sailing instructor will have you at the helm and sailing in the first 15 minutes. You will learn the basics of sailing including the points of sail, how to tack and gybe, trim sails, heave to and more. You can learn to sail on one of our boats or, if you are near the Edmonton area and have your own sail boat, we can offer private sailing lessons on your own boat.Bullcasino.in.

Restricted Operators Certificate – Maritime (ROC-M) VHF Maritime Radio Operators License

Obtain your Restricted Operators Certification – Maritme (ROC-M) with DSC endorsement through our Spectrum Canada and Canadian Power Squadron endorsed VHF ROC-M radio course.

It is the law in Canada that everyone who operates a VHF radio, must have a Restricted Operators Certificate.

When in distress, your VHF marine radio is often your only lifeline. It is important that you know how to operate your radio in all situations – your life may depend on it.

Our VHF marine restricted operators certification radio course teaches you all aspects of VHF radio usage, including digital selective calling – DSC.

Having your Restricted Operators Certification – Maritime (ROC-M), gives you the confidence that you will be able to use your VHF or marine frequency radio in all circumstances, even if it’s just for pleasure.

In addition to the textbook, we provide other written support materials and also videos.

Course topics include:

  • basic VHF radio operation;
  • licensing requirements (compulsory station licenses);
  • using radio terminology and the phonetic alphabet;
  • transmitting and receiving routine calls;
  • channel usage (hailing, distress, urgent, safety, coast guard, weather, general);
  • transmitting and responding to distress (Mayday) calls;
  • transmitting and responding to urgent (Pan Pan) calls;
  • transmitting safety (Securite’) calls;
  • using digital selective calling (DSC) and MMSI numbers;
  • understanding the Global Maritime Distress and Safety System (GMDSS);
  • Emergency Position Indicating Radio Beacons (EPIRB’s);
  • conditions affecting radio range;
  • what to consider when buying a VHF radio.

Students must achieve a 70% passing grade on the written exam and must be able to demonstrate proper usage of the phonetic alphabet and an ability to properly make and respond to distress, urgent and safety messages.

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Advanced Sail Trimming Course

Sail Trimming
Sail Trimming

For those who already sail and want to learn more about sailing trimming, we offer a half day sail trimming course. This course will increase your enjoyment for sailing and help you get the most out of your sailboat. Topics covered include sail shape, angle of wind entry, drag, lift, camber, draft, twist, mast rake, backstay tension. How to control sail shape, point of draft and draft depth with the outhaul, halyards, Cunningham, down haul. How to control sail twist with the mainsheet traveler, jib sheet leads, boom vang, leech line, main sheet and jib sheets at different points of sail in light to strong winds. You will also learn the correct positioning of the draft point on the headsail and mainsail and how moving the draft point changes the Center of Effort (CE) in relation to the Center of Lateral Resistance (CLR) and how this affects boat speed, weather and lee helm.

We also offer the Sail Canada Coastal Navigation certification course and the Radio Operator’s Certificate Maritime (ROC-M).

  Introductory Sailing Lessons (half day):

    – Monday to Thursday (excluding holidays): $150 

    – Weekends: $200

  ROC-M VHF Radio Course:

     – Flexible schedule: $90 plus textbook 

Advanced Sail Trimming (half day):

     – Monday to Thursday (excluding holidays): $100

     – Weekends: $150

Call: (780) 499-4295

Contact us: [email protected]